Published On: Sun, Jul 29th, 2018

Maya ‘Red Queen’ comes to life

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John Holman, Latin America expert and collaborator with Al Jazeera,  covered the story on how the funeral finery of ancient Maya ‘Red Queen’ has been fully restored and it is now in display in a Mexico City museum.

The funeral garb of an ancient Mexican leader has been restored and is on display in Mexico City.

One of Mexico‘s most famous archaeological treasures’ funeral finery from Mayan times has arrived in the nation’s capital.

They belonged to a woman known as the “Red Queen”, who is believed to have been a prominent figure in the Mayan world.

She was found about a quarter of a century ago in an ancient citadel, in a red sarcophagus, in a red room.

Archaeologists and historians have reconstructed her features, burial jewellery, death mask and some of the aspects about her life.

Source: Al Jazeera



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