Published On: Sun, Mar 19th, 2017

Maya forest at high risk during fire season

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FELIPE CARRILLO PUERTO, Q. Roo — With the beginning of the critical season of forest fires in the Yucatan Peninsula, brigades from different communities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, are prepared to prevent and protect the Maya forest, which is in a high conservation status.

“Each year the Maya forest is under risk of forest fires, and this is intensified by drought, which is why the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) is gathering all the information to have a database of each brigade to act promptly on the threat of a forest fire”, said the technical advisor of the Union of Forestal Communities and Ecotourism, Saúl Velasco.

Drought-like conditions increase chances of forest fires. (PHOTO:

Drought-like conditions increase chances of forest fires. (PHOTO:

If fire were to consume this reserve, it would affect a land that serves as lung for the inhabitants of the area as well as wood resources, such as the cedar, which is currently under threat of extinction.

“In order to protect and preserve the trees, areas of low vegetation are reforested, in which endemic species are located. This allows the seed to be dispersed in a natural way, preserving the wood species such as cedar,” he noted.

Saúl Velasco said that the environmental service program lasts five years and each year is supported with an average of 1.5 million pesos.




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