Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Man collecting baby turtles in Akumal claimed to be government worker

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The collection of newly hatched turtles by a man who refused to properly identify himself, generated anger on the part of citizens towards this alleged ecological program worker in Akumal, who never explained his actions and ended up arguing and yelling at those who questioned him.

The man, who finally identified himself as José Manuel González, supposedly in charge of the turtle protection program of Lol Ha, started grabbing recently hatched baby sea turtles and putting them inside a styrofoam icebox, along with two other people, which caught the attention of civilians in the place.

The people asked him the reason for his actions, but the person refused to answer, insisting that he did not have to give them any explanation, and indicating that he had a permit and was doing his job.

Eventually, ended up yelling at a woman and other people, claiming that they were in violation of rule 171 of the environmental law, even though the only one who was manipulating the turtles was him.

Finally, he took the baby turtles with him, despite the claims of the people.

José Manuel González (La Jornada Maya)



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