Published On: Sun, Oct 21st, 2018

Man arrested in Mexico City for sexually abusing of more than 30 children

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When we read about these type of cases, it makes us wonder why is there no death penalty in Mexico.

On Tuesday October 16, a group of parents in San Juan de Aragón, Mexico City, protested outside a kindergarten called “Marcelino de Champagnat” to report the sexual abuse of more than 30 children from the part of a school employee.

The parents closed Avenue 608 but were redeployed by a group of policemen. Shortly after, the protestors decided to stand with signs outside the kindergarten facility located on Av. 1513, in the San Juan de Aragón neighborhood.

According to the parents, a total of 37 children were sexually abused by a man who has been identified as Ramón “N,” who allegedly assaulted the children in the school bathrooms.

On Monday, the complainants went to report the crimes at the Public Prosecutors Office for Sexual Offences, and elements of the Public Prosecutors Office in the State of Mexico arrested Ramón “N” last night. He will soon be passed on to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to face the charges that he has been accused with.

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) agreed to completely change the school staff at the Marcelino de Champagnat kindergarten and install surveillance cameras in the facilities. They also offered to provide psychological support to both students and parents.

The suspect, Ramón “N” was arrested on Wednesday Oct. 17, and faces charges of child sexual abuse and has been placed under pretrial detention at the South Preventive Prison Facility in Mexico City.

Source: Noticieros Televisa



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