Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017

“Los Arboles” eco-friendly condos in Tulum

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Tulum, Quintana Roo .– Austin-based company Los Arboles Group debuts plans for its newest project in a long line of sustainable living developments in the Riviera Maya. Designs include a built-in wetlands system as a self-sufficient wastewater treatment and solar energy panels to keep residents as off-grid as possible.

“It’s one thing for people to live in paradise, to live there as foreigners but to not help establish what the community could be,” says Developer Greg Schnurr. “When you decide to be a resident of paradise, it’s your responsibility to give back.”

home_map_yucatan los arboles

Yucatan Peninsula Map (Los Arboles Group)

About Tulum512

Tulum512 is a 40-unit condominium in the heart of Tulum Pueblo. It is located directly off Tulum Beach Road, and its prime location gives residents access to the beach, the jungle, the ruins, and downtown Tulum.

Tulum512 runs almost completely off-grid and uses a wetlands system to convert waste into water for the local flora and fauna.

An on-site rainwater collection, weekly farmer’s markets, and cycling lifestyle make Tulum512 the dream residence for the sustainably-minded.

About Los Arboles Group

LAG has demonstrated complete commitment to responsible building in Mexico with its last two projects:

Los Arboles Tulum and Los Arboles Coba.

Major developer Greg Schnurr has become the leading example in Mexican real estate development with his eco-friendly practices. In his past projects, he has employed local Mayans, represented artisan crafts, used exclusively sustainable materials, and protected populations of endangered species.

home_rendering los arboles

This project connects the natural beauty of Mexico with the ease of local living in a contemporary habitat. (Rendering: Los Arboles Group)

Contact Los Arboles Group for more information about special pre-sale pricing.




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