Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2018

“Los Amigos” want a green Tulum

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Ten years ago, Nicolai Wilmes and Marc Levy acquired an area of ​​4,500 square meters for 30,000 USD in Tulum, Quintana Roo, where they built a house they used to rent on the Airbnb platform. This was the takeoff of what is now one of the largest real estate companies in the destination.

They called it Los Amigos, and with it they began to build new projects: they built four villas and two luxury condominium developments, which until then did not exist in the place.

But the good news is, that for these entrepreneurs, building is not destroying the environment, especially in an area like Tulum, which main attraction is nature.

“People do not come here to buy property, they come here to enjoy nature. Sometimes construction is destruction, but we develop projects with sustainable technology,” says Wilmes.

“The next step is to build a development of greater magnitude that could be profitable, but sustainable and green”.

The firm acquired a piece of land of 10,000 square meters, where 54 condominiums that are fully supplied with solar energy were built. Once completed, they will be operated by the company as a hotel. “We sold the 34 units of the first phase in 34 days,” says Wilmes.

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The quick sale of the properties is due to the fact that it is a sustainable project of high luxury, something that is not usual in the area. “People have received a surplus value of 40% in a year,” explains the CEO of Los Amigos.

The project has three-story buildings that have “infinity style” pools on the last level, and at the center of the development there is a Smartflower photovoltaic system, which rotates following the sun throughout the day to supply electrical power to the complex.

The company sought to combine what people look for when buying real estate in the area: to rent them as holiday property. The difference is that they are hotel operators that provide services such as restaurant, gym, swimming pool, beach club, among others, something that a house for rent does not offer. The operation of these condos costs 25% of the rate charged by the company.

The condos were sold between 150,000 and 1 million USD, and this project will be followed by two more that will open in the next two years.

The next one is Panoramic, a name that refers to the infinity pool of 360 degrees in the center of the project, and that will also be fully supplied with solar energy. Like Central Park Lagunas, which will also have artificial lagoons and waterfalls.




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