Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2023

Local Congresswoman proposes to reinstate bullfighting: “I am a bullfighter’s daughter”

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More than 13 environmental organizations criticized local congresswoman Alicia Tapia Montejo, for her intention to legalize bullfighting in Quintana Roo under the argument that she is the “daughter of a bullfighter”.

“We have already read her proposal to reform the Animal Welfare and Protection Law and at no time does it seek to care for these living beings, it simply redefines them as a business by allowing them to be used as a spectacle at the cost of their suffering”, declared Ana García Valencia, of the Animal Heroes Mexico association.

She explained that none of the seven articles that the legislator intends to modify establishes a dignified treatment for the bulls, much less guidelines for their care or a protocol for the mutilated ones.

” This is part of a Mayan tradition, which is the baxal-toro, which is completely wrong. Because in the baxal the animal is never harmed, but only released in a coliseum to chase the participants. Bullfights, on the other hand, involve hurting the animal, torturing it for several hours, until it is finally killed”, declared the activist.

For her part, Congresswoman Tapia Montejo defended her proposal, assuring that the elimination of this type of events greatly impacted the society of rural communities, such as Bacalar, where she is from.

“I can tell you with certainty, as the daughter of a bullfighter, that it is a tradition and is part of local uses and customs and therefore should never have been prohibited,” she declared.

SCJN declares it unconstitutional to justify bullfights.

Meanwhile, Joaquín Franco Díaz, from “Quintana Roo Verde“, cited that since 2022 the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation declared that it is unconstitutional to justify bullfights and cockfights, based only on the argument that they represent an intangible cultural heritage or that they are part of the uses and customs of a region.

“They may approve it, but we will immediately go before the Supreme Court and it will give us the reason because the Highest Court has already declared that for no reason should culture be prioritized over life. This is what happened last June with Nayarit, which presented a reform similar to that of Congresswoman Tapia. And this is what will happen in QUINTANA ROO”, he concluded.



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