Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

Let’s go to the library! … in Playa del Carmen

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN.- With the establishment of the Sustainable International Bilingual model (BIS), the library of the Playa del Carmen Technological University now aims to increase its collection with material in English, a pedagogical support for the benefit of its academic community.

According to Leticia Hernández Díaz, head of the Department of Library Services, this library has more than 2,500 titles and 5,800 copies, and although they have universal literature books, most are specialized content for the careers they offer to a total of 1,300 students.

“Our main bibliographic capital is based on the six careers that we teach, which are: Tourism, Gastronomy, Information Technology, Industrial Maintenance, Physical Therapy and Business Administration, and students from other universities also make use of our facility, ” Hernández Díaz said.

“In this library an average of 14,000 consultations are made every 4 months, with a slight increase every year”, she continued.

Of all the consultations, Hernández Díaz estimates that approximately 2,000 are generated by external visitors, especially by students from other higher education institutions who cannot take books out of the library.

Although it is not the only university library in Playa, it is along with the University of Quintana Roo (UQROO), the largest in terms of educational facilities. And this year they plan to increase the number of books, as part of the BIS program that began in 2016 with the Tourism and Gastronomy careers, and that will be applied to the other four careers in the following school year.

Playa del Carmen Technological University (Photo: SIPSE)

Two public libraries in Playa del Carmen 

There are two public libraries in Playa del Carmen: Jaime Torres Bodet and Leona Vicario, which until the first semester of 2016, prior to the end of the last administration, had an average monthly attendance of 800 and 150 people respectively.

An increase in attendance was achieved due to the guided tours that were programmed for the basic level schools by the City Council of Playa del Carmen.




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