Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

“Legión Holk” vandals hit Cancun’s Malecon Tajamar

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CANCÚN – Young people who belong to “Legión Holk” have committed several acts of vandalism in Cancún, and promote suicidal acts like climbing sculptures and then killing themselves, such as what happened in Malecon Tajamar where these youths urged one to drop from a sculpture.


These people also vandalized several cars and walls in the area of Malecón Tajamar, denounced neighbors of that area.

Despite several complaints to the emergency number 911, the police officers never arrived on the crime scene. And still, to make matters worse, this criminal group made calls to 911 to make several pranks, while they were recording and photographing themselves.

The situation was denounced and posted on the Facebook account “Cancun save the mangrove”, who set the task of getting the profiles of the leaders of these young bullies who usually participate in these events.

Despite the complaint made via social networks on Sunday July 16, so far, the authorities have not made a public pronouncement on the matter.

Messages between these criminal members (Photo:

Alleged member of this criminal group (Photo:


Members of Legión Holk in Quintana Roo (Photo:




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