Published On: Tue, Sep 27th, 2016

Legal help advised for immigration to Mexico

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Adriana Vela, migration specialist from MEXLAW (Mexican based law firm located in Riviera Maya, that is owned and operated by licensed Canadian and Mexican lawyers), said that some foreigners who buy property in the Riviera Maya are looking to get their residence because of the advantages, one of which is the exemption from capital gains tax when selling their property. 

Mainly Canadians and Americans are seeking temporary and permanent visa for residence in Playa del Carmen, as some foreigners decide to buy a home for retirement in Riviera Maya or spend a longer vacation to avoid the chilly temperatures in their hometowns.

Adriana Vela said that the majority of the foreigners who approach the firm she represent are foreigners: 60% Canadians cases, followed by the US, approximately 39%, while Europeans make up 1%.

The migration specialist explained that usually foreigners arrive in October or November and return to their homes in spring or summer, when the weather is milder. In order to avoid paying for hotels for long periods, they choose to buy a house or an apartment and rent it to tourists when they are not occupying it.


Por Esto newspaper article on Expats (Photo: Facebook)


Other foreigners come to spend their retirement in Playa del Carmen, so they choose to get a permanent residence, in this case, they do the whole process, and this foreigner should seek support from a specialist in matters of migration.

Adriana Vela explained that there are various requirements to apply for residency and currently foreigners can only apply for a temporary or permanent visa from abroad, no longer from Mexico. The specialist noted that two fundamental steps should be performed first: apply from the consulate of their hometown or any other country, and once they obtain the pre-approval they have 180 days to return to Mexico and begin their exchange procedure.

In the case of those who want to obtain the visa for a job offer, they can apply from Mexico, and later leave the country to return again to do the exchange, so there are three steps.

Ideally foreigners should contact a migration specialists to obtain information, advice and to complete the process.




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