Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2022

Laura Fernández seeks to make Quintana Roo a pet-friendly state

With the intention of “giving a decent life” to all the fauna in the state, “because caring for the living beings that surround us is caring for our society”, Laura Fernández presented the “Patas a la Obra” program, in order to create a culture of love towards pets, through actions to make Quintana Roo a pet-friendly state.

“We have a great state for its flora and fauna, it is life and we have to reciprocate with respect and energy. We are going to give a better life to all the fauna of Quintana Roo,” said Laura Fernández during a walk with militants and their pets on the Malecón.

The gubernatorial candidate of the Va Por Quintana Roo coalition affirmed that the panorama of street dogs is a public health problem that can be aggravated by inadequate regulation in municipalities.

Laura Fernández said that with the “Patas a la Obra” program she is committed so that, in her first three years in office, all the animals that today live on the street are sterilized, vaccinated, and dewormed.

“With monthly sterilization, care, and education campaigns in each of the municipalities, we are going to go to the communities and, with the help of local experts, we will offer veterinary check-ups, spay, neuter, rabies vaccinations, anti-scabies treatment, dental care, and all the specific services for stray dogs and cats throughout the state,” emphasized Laura Fernández.

These services will be completely free, she added that she wants families and pets to be safe and healthy. “We know how important they are to you, and that is why we are going to take care of them,” she said, accompanied by Bárbara Ruiz, state leader of the Confianza Quintana Roo party.

“We want to seriously help all of society, ‘Patas a la Obra’ will provide awareness and education campaigns. We will make the dignified treatment of domestic fauna one of the characteristics that distinguish the Quintana Roo brand in the world,” Laura Fernandez concluded.

The Riviera Maya Times



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