Published On: Fri, Apr 23rd, 2021

Las Coloradas, the only pink beach in Mèxico is in Yucatàn

Las Coloradas is so-called because in certain months of the year, March and August, at noon their waters are painted pink thanks to the effect of the sun on the salt and halophiles.

April 23, 2021, (MÈXICO DESCONOCIDO).- It is difficult to know what is most beautiful about the pink beach of Yucatan: the color of the sand, the reflection in the water, the contrast with the blue sky, the watercolor at sunset, or the feeling of knowing that you are in a unique place in the planet: Las Coloradas.

Las Coloradas

The magic begins before reaching this pink mirror because on the way you will find sand dunes and mountains of salt of beautiful white color. Upon arrival, choose a place and take time to contemplate it while your senses reconnect with nature. Afterward, if you wish, you can have an incredible photoshoot that will undoubtedly be a sensation on your social networks.


During the tour, we recommend you pay close attention to the explanations of the guides, because the magic is not only in what you can see, since to reach that tone three factors must be combined:

  • High salt concentration
  • The proliferation of organisms called halophiles with pink membranes that pigment the water
  • Variation of sunlight
aerial view

When to go?

It is suggested to go in the months of March and August, preferably at noon, since the sun maximizes its color.

It is important to note that, thanks to this phenomenon, in ponds located in neighboring towns you will be able to see flamingos that acquire a pink hue from eating these microorganisms.



To visit Las Coloradas it is advisable to go to the community of Río Lagartos because, in addition to having tours to the beach, you will have the option of complementing your trip with other attractions in the region such as the following:

Las Coloradas is 157 miles west of Cancun
  • the boat tour through the estuary to see pink flamingos and crocodiles
  • sport fishing
  • take a Mayan mud bath
  • swimming in the virgin beach of Cancuncito, just 15 minutes from Las Coloradas,

In Cancuncito you can swim and relax in the water in blue tones and given its proximity to the Riviera Maya, the sand is extremely soft and white, without a doubt, a hidden paradise!

Access to the beach is free, but it is requested that you do not leave any type of garbage to keep it clean and well cared for.

Las Coloradas

What to eat

As for food, in the restaurants of Río Lagartos, you can find delicious dishes of very fresh fish and seafood, as well as traditional Yucatecan cuisine.

Yucatan Food & Mayan Food Mega Guide: 50+ Unmissable dishes

Cleaning protocols

In Yucatán, strict biosecurity measures and protocols are implemented that have the international Safe Travels endorsement of the World Travel and Tourism Council, which seeks to generate “health bubbles” so that you can enjoy a pleasant stay in Yucatán.

Important Recommendations

  • Remember that you cannot swim at Las Coloradas beach so as not to alter the ecosystem, and also to protect your skin from the high concentration of saline.
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen.
  • Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun, which will also make you look stylish and take care of yourself.

Fun facts

  • The salt was collected from the lakes by hand, by the Mayan communities, to later be commercialized in nearby cities.
  • Currently, the salt production of this place in Mexico is 750,000 tons per year, which can be transformed from industrial salts to kitchen salt.


The Riviera Maya Times



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