Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2018

Large scale sailboats from all over Latin American will arrive in Cozumel

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Sailboats from eight countries in Latin America, including the Cuauhtémoc School Ship, will conclude the ‘Velas Latinoamérica 2018’ event in the port of Cozumel, after the 157-day long voyage that began in Rio de Janeiro in April.

The route of more than 12 thousand nautical miles (20 thousand kilometers), will also reach the Mexican state of Veracruz, and included the most important cities of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Curacao, Dominican Republic and now the fleet will arrive to Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

(Photo: SIPSE)

big sailing ships will be participating in this festival such as the: “Libertad” from Argentina, “Cisne Branco” from Brazil, “Esmeralda” from Chile, “Gloria” from Colombia, “Guayas” from Ecuador, “Unión” from Peru, “Simón Bolivar” from Venezuela and the “Ambassador and Knight of the Seas: Cuauhtémoc School Ship, worthy Mexican representative who has carried around the world a message of peace and friendship, of respect and unity, of goodwill and commitment,” said a statement from the Mexico’s Secretariat of the Navy.

In Mexico, this event has been called ‘Festival Velas Cozumel / Veracruz 2018‘, since it is here where the nautical event will culminate with the visit to the ports of the island of Quintana Roo, from August 21 to 23, and Veracruz from August 27 to September 2, with activities open to the public.

In Cozumel there will be sports tournaments, musical events and public tours of the different sailboats. While in Veracruz musical concerts and folkloric exhibitions will be offered, as well as aquatic sports competitions, and public tours of the sailboats, among other activities.

This sailing event in Latin America takes place every four years with the aim of strengthening fraternity and camaraderie among the participating nations and their navies.

Source: SIPSE



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