Published On: Thu, Nov 18th, 2021

Kidnapping uncovers National Guard corruption network in Cozumel

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Alleged agents of the National Guard were detained after being identified as part of a command dedicated to extortion and express kidnapping.

Cozumel, Quintana Roo, (November 15, 2021).- Five alleged active members of the National Guard (GN) assigned to Cozumel, in addition to two more in civilian clothes who were discharged last year, were detained after being identified as part of a criminal cell dedicated to extortion and express kidnapping in Cozumel.

The fact came to light after the kidnapping of a person in the Maravilla neighborhood who was allegedly required to pay one million pesos as ransom.

When he refused, he was taken to a property in the eastern part of the city where he was beaten. However, after regaining consciousness, he was assisted by citizens who asked for police support and was later transferred to the hospital.

At the hospital, he declared to the Investigative Police of the State Attorney General’s Office the details of his kidnapping and attempted murder.

“El Chilango”, allegedly the leader of the gang, would have escaped from the island in the first boat bound for Playa del Carmen, was arrested at the island dock on Saturday, November 13th.

Source: Sipse



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