Published On: Mon, Apr 26th, 2021

Kidnapping and execution of a Yucatecan businessman in Cancun

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In social networks, a photo of a man with his hands tied has been circulating, the photo was allegedly taken in Cancun

Tizimín, Yucatán, April 26, 2021, (SIPSE).- A photograph in which the businessman Jaime “N”, from El Cuyo, appears in social networks kept the inhabitants of this municipality, in the State of Yucatàn tense, as he is seen tied by the hands and with a blindfold, sitting on a mattress and shirtless.

Empresario secuestrado en Yucatán habría sido encontrado muerto en Cancún |  Marcrix Noticias

The tension grew because there are different versions on this issue, the one that sounds the most is of his alleged execution in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and that his body was found in a safe house in a plastic bag.

Until last night, no authority had issued an official version of this case, and it is only known that in the port of El Cuyo, where the man is from, there is a great fear.

Jaime’s family traveled to the state of Quintana Roo to carry out the procedures to recover the body and bring it back to El Cuyo, from where it left on Wednesday afternoon, and hours later its disappearance on the road was reported.

His red Chevrolet Cruze vehicle was found abandoned with visible traces of violence at the entrance of a ranch, near the Emiliano Zapata community, exactly at kilometer 38 of the Tizimín-Colonia Yucatán section.

It is presumed that they made him get out of his vehicle under deception and forced him into another car to take him out of Yucatan, heading to Quintana Roo. Later the family received several messages or calls demanding ransom money to release him.

As it was found out, the relatives of the kidnapped person complied with the required payment, but despite this, his captors murdered him.

Encuentran en Casa de Seguridad de Cancún, el Cuerpo del Empresario Yucateco  Secuestrado el Jueves; Hay Dos Detenidos - Cambio 22

Some versions indicate that the body was found inside an abandoned house in Cancun, which served to hold it for a few days, and others, that it was found in a vacant lot, in the tourist center.

It will be in the next few hours when it is confirmed if Jaime “N” was actually killed by his captors, although among his circle of close friends they assure that they have already been informed that he is dead, and in the following hours they must bring the body to El Cuyo.

According to the latest reports from Cancun, there are already five people arrested for this homicide.

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