Published On: Wed, Dec 7th, 2016

Isla Mujeres signs international agreement for natural resources preservation

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Authorities in Isla Mujeres signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with KECO, a public institution under the Ministry of the Environment of South Korea, to establish strategies for the preservation of natural resources.

It was reported that Isla Mujeres mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis met with businessmen from the Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) and the South Korean government.

According to the information, the representatives of the company and the government of the Asian nation expressed their interest to actively participate in issues related to environmental conservation in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

In this regard, the island’s mayor said that sustainability is a goal that must be achieved through the regeneration of our ecosystems.

“For that reason,” he said,”we must help the environment to be “regenerated” by harmonious practices, where each citizen produces favorable conditions for himself and the environment to which he belongs”.


Mia Reef Hotel & Villas, Isla Mujeres (Photo: YouTube)

Carrillo Soberanis stressed that Isla Mujeres is a safe home for everyone who comes in search of their dreams, so that the work must continue on the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

In view of this situation, he reiterated his interest in reaching an agreement and start collaborating with KECO, to exchange experiences and implement actions and strategies that allow development without threatening the environment.

“My administration has a strong commitment to promote and encourage ecological practices in urban development, public services, adequate solid waste management and constant awareness campaigns,” said the mayor.

Carrillo Soberanis endorsed his commitment to see Isla Mujeres grow in harmony with the environment.

The bilateral agreement with the Koreans takes place within the framework of the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity (COP 13), held in Cancun, in order for Isla Mujeres to establish mechanisms for international cooperation.

In addition, collaboration agreements in technical matters, exchange of successful experiences and development of ecological preservation projects were also promoted.

Meanwhile, members of the KECO delegation explained that this institution was created 40 years ago by the Ministry of the Environment of South Korea, and it has an extensive experience in technologies applied to the conservation of the environment.




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