Published On: Thu, Apr 23rd, 2020

Isla Mujeres reinforces preventive measures during phase 3

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Municipal authorities make a call to the population to stay at home and use mandatory face masks.

Continuing with the random security filters across the island, as well as redoubling the call to the population to stay at home and using compulsory mouth masks, are some of the containment measures that the Isla Mujeres City Council, led by Juan Carrillo Soberanis, will reinforce, after the start of phase 3 of the Covid-19.

According to a statement, the municipal president stressed that some preventive measures of the current phase 3 had already been taken into account, such as: no people on the streets, obligatory use of mouth masks and the healthy distance. However, these measures will be reinforced they are part of the mechanism to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Carrillo Soberanis stressed that, in coordination with the State Government, a further distribution of food support will be provided to the families of the municipality in the coming days.

“As announced by our Governor, Carlos Joaquín González, there will be one more distribution of aid packages. Definitely, right now the most important thing is to work together to benefit as many people as possible, ”said the island mayor.

Carrillo Soberanis mentioned that prevention actions are going to be carried out in the municipality to curb the coronavirus and he thanked the people who use face masks when they leave their homes to carry out some essential activity, since that is the social awareness that it is needed to decrease the risks of the disease.

He recalled that it is essential to stay at home carrying out social isolation since the more you avoid going out, the faster the health situation will end and the economy of the municipality will be reactivated.

“No measure is superfluous, it is important not to go out and follow the health and hygiene recommendations such as constantly washing your hands with soap and water and the healthy distance that is the best way to stop the spread. Let’s keep doing our part and soon we will get over this ”, the mayor concluded.

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