Published On: Thu, Jul 23rd, 2020

Intrafamily violence cases in Quintana Roo are multiplying exponentially

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN, QUINTANA ROO (July 23, 2020).- More than 2,360 cases of family violence have been reported to the Ministry of Public Security and Traffic in the municipality of Solidaridad so far this year.

Jorge Robles Aguilar, in charge of the office of the Ministry of Public Security and Traffic, reported that the municipality is only second to Benito Juárez (Cancún), which has 6,477 cases; while Othón P. Blanco has 2,113 cases.

He specified that they have the coordination aimed at serving vulnerable women and men; children, adolescents, or seniors.

According to data offered by the Communication Department of the Ministry of Public Security and Transit of Solidaridad, there are a significant number of cases in the municipality.

“Family violence is what occurs in many homes. And it can be exercised and suffered by any of the members of the family nucleus, that is, a mother over her children or a grandson over her grandfather, brother over sister, parent over children, or vice-versa,” said the Robles Aguilar.

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Public Security and Transit of Solidaridad created the Coordination of Attention and Prevention of Family and Gender Violence with the aim of providing timely assistance, security and comprehensive care to victims of family and gender violence to attend to women and men in vulnerable situations, also to children, adolescents, adults or the elderly.

Regarding husband on wife cases, the municipality has registered 2,393 cases; Othón P. Blanco 2,963 cases; and Benito Juárez with 6,393 cases.

The figures are alarming, more and more cases of domestic violence among local families are being registered in Quintana Roo, and even more ever since the Coronavirus contingency confined people to their homes.

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