Published On: Tue, Apr 27th, 2021

In Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue Police robs tourists (VIDEO)

Police officers in Playa del Carmen “hunt down” tourists accusing them of carrying drugs to search them and ask them for money

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, April 27, 2021, (SIPSE).- Through his social networks, a Canadian citizen denounced that agents of the Playa del Carmen police rob tourists on Fifth Avenue, falsely accusing them to possess drugs.

In the video posted on the YouTube account “Tony’s Travels”, the visitor recounted how the policemen on board a patrol car stopped and threatened him when he was walking along La Quinta with a friend.

He said that the agents accused him of having drugs and that they violently tried to bring him into the patrol car, which number he could not identify.

When they did not succeed, the agents then put him against the patrol to search him and when they did not find the drugs that he supposedly was carrying, the agents took his money : Approximately two thousand pesos.

Ironically, the Canadian reported that he brought that amount of money with him because they had already been robbed him at the hostel where he was staying.

After the robbery by the Playa del Carmen police, they let the man go. However, the story does not end there.

The friend with whom he was meeting, who was also searched by the police, said that after the incident he retired to his home but on the way (which he referred to as a 10-minute walk) he was detained three more times by police officers.

The agents “justified” these arrests by stating that the man was carrying drugs. On this point, the victim affirmed that someone approached him to sell him drugs but that he rejected the offer, for which he suspects that the agents could be in collusion with the “pushers” to extort money from tourists.

When he was detained on his way home, the man stated that the police officers took his money.

Given this situation, those affected suggest to tourists who visit Playa del Carmen that they better take a taxi even when the journey is very short, in order to avoid encounters with the police .

In the YouTube post, Tony’s Travels concluded:

“Is this the real Playa del Carmen? Where, if you walk home after a night of karaoke and dancing you will be threatened, searched, kidnapped, and robbed by the people who are supposed to protect you. You should be ashamed Playa del Carmen, for allowing this to happen. The world needs to know how unsafe it is and how unwelcome visitors feel. “

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