Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2023

Illegal trucks arrive in Chetumal to work on the Maya Train Project

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Dumpers’ syndicates warned of the arrival of 30 “illegal” transports in Chetumal today, adding to the 150 irregular units already operating in the south of Quintana Roo.

“This morning we detected these units coming from other states, which lack basic documents such as insurance, trained personnel, permits, concessions, etc., and which are trying to take advantage of the calls for public works both from the State Government and for the work on the Mayan Train,” said Antonio González Notario, secretary general of the Caja Roja Union.

He pointed out that after being “exhibited” in social networks and reported to the Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo (IMOVEQROO), the agency in charge of regulating this transportation service, the drivers moved these units to Calderitas to hide them.

Irregulated transport, a security risk

The union leader stated that the presence of illegal transport not only represents an affectation to the local economy, but also represents a security risk.

“We, being legal, have to comply with a series of guidelines: our drivers cannot work more than eight hours, in order to guarantee that they do not suffer from fatigue and cause accidents on the road. They also do not have insurance to respond for damages,” stated González Notario.

He pointed out that they are still waiting for the Imoveqroo to report on the actions they are taking to combat these illegal units, which began to arrive last January, when work began on the Tulum-Bacalar, Bacalar-Chetumal and Chetumal-Escárcega sections of the Tren Maya.

“If they do nothing, very soon we are going to be flooded with this irregular transportation, which by the way is the main culprit of most of the accidents on the road,” he commented.

In addition, he cited that if the authorities continue to be omissive about this situation they will begin to organize demonstrations in order to get the attention of the IMOVEQROO.

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