Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Illegal Cuban immigrants repatriated from Chetumal

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Chetumal, Q.Roo.- For the first time, the Mexican government repatriated 47 Cuban nationals from Chetumal International Airport, on Monday March 13, after completing all the paperwork at the Immigration Office of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in that city.

This is an unprecedented event, since the deportations are usually carried out from INM headquarters in Mexico City.

On board of a Federal Police plane with registration number XC-MPF and PF-401 license plate, this group of illegal aliens was taken to Cuba to deliver them to the immigration authorities of that country.

Due to its location, Quintana Roo has served as a “bridge” for illegal Cuban immigrants. (Photo: El Universal)

The federal government aircraft arrived to the Chetumal City airport on Sunday March 14, to transfer the Cuban immigrants on Monday 13.

The 31 Cuban nationals who were rescued by the Federal Police on March 4 in Cancun where they were allegedly kept prisioners, are included within this group.

Because of its geographic location, Quintana Roo has been used for decades as a passage for Cuban undocumented immigrants on their way to the United States, reason why the National Migration Institute (INM) built a migratory station in Chetumal.




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