Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2018

Hurricane Rosa reaches category 4 off Mexico’s Pacific coast

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Hurricane Rosa has reached category 4 and is approaching the coast of Baja California, in Mexicali, the Municipal Civil Protection Council informed that the forecast is probable heavy rains for all Mexicali, its Valley and San Felipe, starting next Sunday up to Tuesday October 2nd, so the Council advised to be prepared for such a contingence.

The National Meteorological Service forecast is of moderate to heavy rain with accumulated precipitation of 25 to50 mm (10 to 20 inches) due to a strong system of low pressure, associated to Rosa which has reached the HURRICANE degree, category 4 with parallel trajectory to Baja Sur Coasts.

The Municipal Civil Protection Council warned about high humidity levels with temperatures of up to 38 Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) for Sunday and 33 Celsius (93 Fahrenheit) for Monday and recommended to be informed by the press releases that Mexicali City Hall will issue all through the weekend.




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