Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

How to have a “healthy” (grown up) Spring Break vacation in the Riviera Maya

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In my opinion, the concept of spring break is totally wasted on students. Why is it that once you’re immersed in the real world—and more stressed out than ever—it’s no longer a given that you should blow off your pent-up winter steam with a mandatory week’s vacation? (Preferably in paradise.)

Of course, we’re seeking to change that with Well+Good’s inaugural wellness retreat in Palm Springs. (You’re coming, right?) But if you want to extend your professional pause a little longer, you may want to stop off in a nearby destination that harkens back to your college spring break days: Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

No, I’m not suggesting you book an all-inclusive resort in Cancun and start building up your tolerance for cheap tequila.

That’s a pretty unfair stereotype—there’s a lot more to this idyllic stretch of Caribbean coastline than bikini contests and booze cruises. In fact, it’s actually an ideal place to have a healthy vacation, with tons of lush plant-based restaurants, sustainable hotels, and outdoor adventures. One visit, and you’re likely to put spring break back on your annual calendar from here on out. (Now, who do I talk to about giving adults the summer off?) …

Photo: Andaz Mayakoba

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