Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

How is the weather in Cancun during the month of January?

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Cancun is one of the most popular holiday destinations for families and couples alike.

Located on the eastern coast of Mexico, the resort enjoys a tropical climate, with pleasantly warm weather throughout the year, alongside very distinct wet and dry seasons.

The wet season falls between May and October, when the resort experiences an average of 167mm of rainfall every month. November to April is the dry season, when the rainfall is much lower, although the average daily hours of sunshine is also lower at nine, in comparison to ten in the wet season.

Cancun attracts all sorts of travelers who want to explore the heady nightlife hotspots packed with bars, restaurants and nightclubs on an evening and re-energize by relaxing on white sandy beaches during the day.

On top of all this, the resort also offers a wide variety of tourist accommodations, a wealth of family-friendly attractions and a fantastic number of excursions which make a resort that appeals to everyone.

Weather lowdown

January is the coolest time of the year to visit Cancun, although this is not saying much in comparison to the winter weather experienced elsewhere in the world!

The resort has a lovely average temperature of 23°C, with highs of up to 28°C and lows of a mild 21°C. This is perfect weather for getting out and about – and more importantly, packing light clothing, but it has the added positive of avoiding the even hotter temperatures found later in the year.

During this month, the average sea temperature is also very warm at 27°C, which is normal across the year in this tropical country. With an average 8 hours of sunshine each day, most travelers spend the whole afternoon at the beach.

However, be warned, this January is peak tourist time with higher prices and larger crowds.

The average humidity is very high throughout the first month of the year, at 81% but with just 43mm of rainfall, this is one of the driest months of the year. Still, with around 7 rainy days, you might experience a light shower or two during your holiday. To be absolutely sure, check the up-to-date forecast before you visit.


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