Published On: Mon, Sep 21st, 2020

How can periodontitis affect us and how can we treat it?

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Among many oral problems, periodontitis is one of the most serious. Although, many of us do not know what it is exactly and how it can affect us. This being the case, it is even more difficult to know how to avoid it and what to do to solve it.

Have you been diagnosed with periodontitis or are you interested in knowing about it? In the next few lines, we will briefly explain what it is, its consequences, and its treatment.

Periodontitis and its consequences

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, is the inflammation of the tissue around the tooth. It is usually caused by a chronic infection process, that is to say, in a very long time. However, there are many causes and stages of periodontitis.

In its earliest stages, periodontitis only affects the gums. In the case of gingivitis, the most common problem would be bleeding gums. But later, the problem becomes bigger, and periodontitis or periodontal disease begins.

Gums begin to recede, exposing the tooth. In the process, they often bleed frequently, and the jawbones can be affected. When you start to feel pain it is because periodontitis is already more advanced. At this time, the teeth begin to loosen the more the jaw bone is affected.

In the more advanced stages, periodontitis causes complete destruction on the teeth base. The teeth become so loose that they can fall out, the pain becomes more intense when chewing, and patients begin to have very bad breath.

Prevention and treatment

If it is not stopped in time, periodontitis can completely destroy teeth and oral health. That is why good oral hygiene is recommended to prevent this from happening. Sometimes it will be necessary to use a special toothpaste and a brush that does not hurt your gums. Professional cleanings with your dentist can also help to prevent periodontal disease. In advanced cases, your dentist will have to use antibiotics. Even if the inflammation persists, a surgical procedure may be necessary to clean your gums or to correct the loss of the jaw bone.

As you can see, poor dental hygiene isn’t just about maintaining good breath and a healthy smile. Periodontitis is just one of the many problems that you would avoid by paying attention to your mouth and teeth. If you have symptoms of periodontitis or are concerned about your oral health, do not hesitate to contact a qualified dentist near you.





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