Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2018

How Bad Is The Corruption In Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua And Belize?

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This article by Chuck Bolotin of Best Places in the World to Retire and published in the well-known expat website Expat Focus discusses the extent of corruption in Mexico and other countries, including the US, and how it affects expats. 

As the founder of Best Places in the World to Retire, I’m often asked by those living in the US and Canada (what we’ll refer to collectively as “North of the Border,” or “NOTB”), the following question:

“How bad is the corruption in Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua or Belize?” (I’ll refer to these countries collectively as “South of the Border,” or “SOTB.”)


When I dig a little deeper to find out why they were asking, there would usually be two responses: 1) they wouldn’t want to live in a country where corruption was bad; and, 2) they wanted to find out how that corruption would affect them personally.

Let’s deal with 1) first…


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