Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Holbox: antidote to Cancun’s megaresorts, party palaces with watered-down drinks

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Carrie Bell, Travel lover, entertainment, and weddings specialist, describes herself as a California girl, amateur photographer, cupcake eater, lover of cats and their videos, yoga practitioner, sufferer of indefatigable wanderlust, road trip and national park enthusiast, defender of Los Angeles, pop culture devourer, and maker of puns.

She recently wrote a piece about the island of Holbox on stating why you need to spend your next holiday on one of the hidden gems of the Mexican Caribbean!…

Seeking an antidote to Cancun and Playa del Carmen’s megaresorts, party palaces with watered-down drinks, and omnipresent tourist hustling used to mean hightailing it to Tulum’s eco-hotels and yoga pavilions.

But as word of mouth spread, things got crowded, overpriced, and commercial. Even Starbucks set up shop a few years ago.


But just because that boho beach town now comes with a Frappuccino fix, folks craving a chic hideout with warm waters, white sand, thatched roofs, and fresh fish tacos needn’t forego a south-of-the-border sabbatical.

Enter Isla Holbox (pronounced “Ohl-bosch”), a mile-wide and 26-mile-long island sitting a short ferry ride off the Yucatan Peninsula where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet.

This is a one-town kind of place without cars (mostly), chain restaurants, or high-rises where there seems to be more wildlife than human inhabitants, more jungle and beach than concrete.


The main industry is still fishing, but every year, more and more adventurers wander over, especially those looking to take a dip with the sea’s most substantial shark, and as new accommodations and businesses pop up.

It won’t stay a hidden gem forever. (And yes, we realize writing about it will only speed up the popularity process. Our bad!) Here are nine reasons to head to Holbox for your next holiday before everyone catches island fever.

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