Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

General Aspects of Maxillofacial Surgery in Merida, Yucatan

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September/13/2018.- Maxillofacial surgery, refers to a specialty of dentistry that has as its main objective the study, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of problems related to anatomical structures of the face, skull, head, neck, oral cavity, teeth and jaws.

In this sense, it is a very important to ensure that human beings have good health and a good quality of life, which is why the maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist who coincides oftenly with other areas of dentistry, since the maxillofacial surgeon is an expert who has extensive knowledge in oral and maxillofacial surgery and dental extractions which include complicated bone grafts, dental implants and many other treatments that require expertise that only a doctor with these features can offer his patients in order to have an excellent quality of life.

Basically, doctors specializing in maxillofacial surgery in Merida have extensive training that allows them to collect dental knowledge and surgical skills in head and neck oncology and facial reconstructive surgery, dental-facial abnormalities and facial surgery, pathology of salivary glands, joint and mandibular tooth eruption, bone reconstruction and rehabilitation of the maxillary with dental implants.

Undoubtedly, these specialists are not improvised, they have previous training involving five years of preparation and two years of specialization, so, doctors specializing in oral surgery have extensive hospital training and can offer a detailed diagnosis and treatment in all problems related to the oral cavity, face and facial structure.

Quality Dental Associates and Surgeons can explain everything you need to know about this important dentistry specialty.

When is maxillofacial surgery necessary?

Maxillofacial Surgery is one of the resources That the dental specialist use Frequently When Necessary to solve functional or aesthetic problems Caused by facial skeletal deformity, Which causes a wrong position Between the teeth. While orthodontics, Particularly brackets, are a solution to the problems of the jaw closing, we not Say That They are always the solution, so it is Then Necessary That to resort to surgical procedures as is the surgery maxillofacial Merida.

Patients suffering from a disease that affects their quality of life can find an effective solution in maxillofacial surgery or orthognathic surgery, Thus the main objective of maxillofacial surgery is to achieve good stability of occlusion in order to obtain bucofacial optimal functionality and aesthetics of the patient, but as always, it is important to work with highly skilled professionals, able to help the patient regain the confidence they had lost.

What are the phases of maxillofacial surgery?

Our readers should know that maxillofacial surgery is divided into different phases, which seek to solve the problems of patients effectively. The main phases of this type of surgical procedure are four:

  • 1.-Study and planning: First, it is very important that the patient gets an accurate diagnosis, which allows the physician to plan and develop the treatment. In this phase, the intervention of the surgeon and the orthodontist is vital because at this stage it is necessary to make a facial analysis, model analysis, x – rays, study and three – dimensional soft tissue study.
  • 2.- Orthodontics: orthodontics will be applied before the operation, Its main function is to rectify bad dental positioning. This phasecould last months and it is essential and inevitable. Most treatments work end at this stage and then it is no longer necessary to go to the next phase.
  • 3.- Surgerymaxillofacial surgery is unavoidable in some cases, and therefore it is necessary for the patient to undergo an invasive procedure to correctly locate the occlusion of the teeth; In this phase, the implementation of anesthesia is required, and could lead to a brief hospitalization.
  • 4.- Postoperative: Postoperative procedures vary depending on the resilience of each person. IN case of inflamation, experts recommend to apply ice packs. Patients need to sleep with their heads elevated and avoid physical activity to help speed up the healing process.


As you can see, maxillofacial surgery  is a complex procedure that requires specialized knowledge. That is why we recommend the experiene and knowledge of the Quality Dental Associates Dental Surgeons, with over 20 years of experience.

They are a solid team of specialists in different branches of general and specialized dentistry, able to provide fast and efficient solutions. The team consists of 30 dentists experts, and in each of our clinics offer a wide range of services, with friendly and professional treatment to all patients, with the sole purpose of making them feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.






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