Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2023

Genaro Garcia Luna could be sentenced to life imprisonment

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The former Mexican Public Security Secretary is accused in the US, among other charges, of conspiring and cooperating with the powerful Sinaloa cartel to traffic and distribute cocaine and for making false statements and lying to officials.

The trial against Garcia Luna began in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, January 17 with the selection of jurors; the prospective jurors, mostly women, were interviewed by Judge Peggy Kuo, to determine their impartiality and judgment. Thus proceeded the selection of the 12 starters and their substitutes among 60 already shortlisted. They will be the ones who decide if Genaro García Luna is guilty or not.
Judge Brian Cogan granted the defense the change of clothing for Garcia Luna, who appeared in court in a blue suit, white shirt and light blue tie, instead of the orange jumpsuit that identifies the prisoners of the Metropolitan Corrections Center (MCC). from New York.

Sitting on the first bench in the room, he was attentive to the responses of the jurors through his interpreter.

When the juries are finally integrated, the list will go to Judge Cogan to define the start date of the trial, which, according to what he has estimated, could last only a few weeks.

The Riviera Maya Times



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