Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2020

Foreign residents in Mexico to pay income tax

MEXICO (Televisa) – Congresswoman Martha Romo Cuéllar, proposed an initiative for temporary residents in national territory to be obliged to pay income tax.

Legislator Romo Cuéllar, presented an initiative to reform the Federal Fiscal Code and the Income Tax Law, so that foreign permanent and temporary residents in national territory are obliged to pay income tax.

From the floor, the legislator explained: “The tax provision would be for those who are considered residents in the national territory, either because they live in Mexico or because they have professional activities in the country, either individual or with a company” (SIC)

She proposed that the temporary resident card, should express the conditions under which the visa was granted. The official cited examples such as: “offer of employment”, “permission to work”, among others. In addition to that, she mentioned:  “A legend to the visa should be added, so tax authorities can distinguish whether the carrier is authorized to carry out professional activities in Mexico” (SIC)

The congresswoman explained that the objective of this initiative is to reform the Federal Fiscal Code and the Income Tax Law, so foreigners can pay their corresponding taxes.

She pointed out that, instead of continuing to demand higher taxes from Mexicans, the tax recolection service should be made more efficient, as an example she mentioned the foreigners who live and work in Mexico.

Romo Cuéllar assured that the current resident model has legal gaps that prevent foreigners from paying taxes in the country.


The Riviera Maya Times




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