Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2018

Five Haciendas, five different worlds in Yucatán and Campeche

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The taste, history and culture of Mexico is expressed in the smile of its people, in the passion that is reflected in the culinary art of the country, in its natural wonders and in the relaxing and seductive rhythm of life of its inhabitants.

Fascinating and unique, the states of Campeche and Yucatan have a soul of their own, with a style and heritage that amazes and enchant the visitors. Submerging them in these magical destinations implies to get carried away by the luxury and exclusivity of its renowned Luxury Collection Marriott haciendas, each one with a vibrant unique personality that allows the traveler to blend with the local culture.

Hacienda San José
We begin this adventure through Mexico’s past in the north of the state of Yucatan, admiring the Chichen Itza archaeological site – an important historical and architectural wonder that fuses Mayan and Toltec culture. A few minutes away is the old plantation house Hacienda San José, nowadays a beautiful luxury boutique hotel with an atmosphere full of history.

The unique experience you can live here is called ‘Wine and Canvas‘ and it is about letting ourselves get completely taken away by our imagination for a few hours. Beautifully assembled, paintings, canvas, wine and cheeses awaited us to color our favorite corner of the Hacienda in moments of total relaxation, where contemplation and silence were our inspiration.

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Hacienda Temozón
As we enter the tropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula, we find a world of incomparable natural beauty. There are wonders lying in the deep shadow of the lush vegetation, waiting to be discovered. Inside the old henequeros plantations of the Hacienda Temozón, hidden among the trees, is the Cenote Sacamocuy – a natural wonder of infinite beauty.

In this sanctuary of peace, there is a magical place where we can enjoy the unique experience of a spa treatment inside a cenote. Romantic candles light our way through the dark steps of this mystical cave, where the continuous falling of water droplets fill the humid air with music.

Hacienda Santa Rosa
Elegant and sophisticated, Hacienda Santa Rosa used to be the private estate of a member of the nobility – hand carved columns, beautiful gardens and mysterious nighttime bonfires. With only eleven rooms, this refined space fits the visitor with perfect exclusivity.

The beauty of this 17th-century work of art prompts us to let ourselves be taken away by its luxury and the fascinating culture that surrounds it. In the main courtyard of the Hacienda we enjoyed a dinner in the light of a romantic bonfire, an intimate and private experience that immersed us in the best of Yucatecan cuisine. Flavors and aromas typical of the region, mesmerized us in a magical moment under the stars.

Hacienda Puerta Campeche
The historic center of Campeche was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, its rich past preserved in small cobbled streets and majestic buildings of Spanish Baroque style. The vibrant heart of the state, Campeche is home to fascinating relics and sites of great historical value – the hours went unnoticed, as we got lost between the past and the present of this intriguing city.

Surrounded by majestic natural reserves and archaeological gems, the Hacienda Puerta Campeche reveals the riches of southeastern Mexico. Chocolate played an important role in the history of this picturesque area of ​​the country.

Sit under a laurel tree and discover the secret delicacies of Campeche in a spectacular dinner.

Beautifully restored, this magnificent construction of the sixteenth century is a portal to the past, where history comes to life.

Hacienda Uayamón
Located between blue waters and archaeological treasures, the famous Hacienda Uayamón combines a rich heritage with spaces of extraordinary delicacy. Built in 1700, it reflects the sophistication of a luxury resort with attention to the natural beauty that surrounds it. Awarded with the ‘artisan revival‘ award, this unique hotel boasts the best of both worlds. Stunning stone walls, refined details and excellent service make this boutique hotel a memorable space.

Relaxing walks in its private gardens under the moonlight and exciting expeditions to Edzna, a historic Mayan site, occupy our days. At night we let ourselves be carried away by the exquisiteness and romanticism of a dinner under a magnificent Ceiba tree, immersing ourselves quickly in a world full of magic, where every moment would seem like something out of a fantasy book.

Five Haciendas, five worlds and five experiences out of the ordinary, each of them unforgettable.

Marriott’s magnificent exclusive Luxury collection transports us to the era of luxury and comfort that the haciendas of the Mexican southeast enjoyed in the past and that have been brought to life again in the 21st Century.

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