Published On: Thu, Apr 15th, 2021

Five femicides registered in Quintana Roo so far in 2021

In the case of Tulum, citizens expect the judge to set the maximum penalties for those involved

Quintana Roo, (April 15, 2021).- The state attorney general, Óscar Montes de Oca, indicated that so far in 2021 there have already been five femicides in Quintana Roo and that they hope that in the case of Tulum the judge will set the maximum penalties for those involved.

As a result of the two femicide investigations initiated by the State Attorney General’s Office for the cases that occurred in Tulum and Holbox, this Tuesday the prosecutor informed members of the XVI Legislature about the progress on both cases, within the framework of a meeting of the group. of work for the Attention of the Alert of Gender Violence against Women in Quintana Roo before the Gender Equity Commission.

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During the meeting, a detailed report was given of the actions carried out from the moment the unfortunate events in both municipalities became known and that to date resulted in the consignment of four Tulum police officers and the accompaniment of the family Victoria Salazar and Karla’s son in Holbox.

Present at the meeting were the office manager of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), Lucio Hernández Gutiérrez, and the commissioner of the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (Ceavqroo), Karla Rivero González.

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When speaking about the case of Tulum, where Victoria Salazar was assassinated by elements of the municipal police, the SSP dispatcher admitted that the misapplication of submission techniques with the rational use of force led to death of the woman.

“It is clear that the intention of the police at no time was to deprive this person of life, but unfortunately the result of the application of an erratic and inappropriate technique was beyond what was expected,” said Hernández Gutiérrez, who admitted that more than 70 percent of police officers are overweight.

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The head of the Ceavqroo indicated that in the case of Tulum, which involved a woman of foreign origin, contact was made with the victims to protect them and guarantee their rights, in addition to granting emotional support with the accompaniment of a psychologist.

“Attention was given to girls, both state and municipal, to issue protection measures to have family reunification as an effect, and the federation was also involved through the Ministry of the Interior,” said Karla Rivero, who pointed out that the past April 3, the repatriation of the woman’s body was completed

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Representative Judith Villanueva emphasized the need for training and measuring the capacities of the police forces.

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