Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

First house entirely made of Sargassum built by Mexican inventor in Quintana Roo

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PUERTO MORELOS, Q. Roo, September 20, 2018.- What the Quintana Roo authorities and scientists never imagined in their wildest dreams, a Portomorelense (man from Puerto Morelos) did… he built the first house entirely made of Sargassum, which could represent a worldwide milestone.

Omar Sánchez Vázquez built Angelita – (he named the house in honor to his mother) – transforming the feared seaweed that invaded the beaches of Quintana Roo, into an organic, thermal and functional construction material, which by the way, costs 50 percent less than adobe bricks.

The invention utilizes the same technique used to make adobe bricks, and its hardness is resistant to hurricanes, confirmed the proud creator.

Owner of a nursery in Puerto Morelos, Sánchez Padilla said he will also constructing an office of seaweed partitions.

Angelita is a beautiful rustic house, featuring a visually attractive brown-reddish color, made of 100% Sargassum bricks, that do not smell bad (in case you were wondering).

“We grew up seeing how the adobe was made and we applied the same techinique to Sargassum, during the process  the seaweed gets rid of the stinking odor, I think that making Sargassum houses is an excellent option”, he emphasized.

Although he plans to patent his project, he says that the tons of Sargassum that was washed up by the tide on the Quintana Roo shores, would help build many houses, especially for the people of Quintana Roo.

Angelita (Photo: Especial)

The news are spreading rapidly throughout the world, as Sargassum is a problem that afflicts many nations such as the islands of the French Riviera, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, the United States and many other Caribbean islands. This shows once again how the Mexican intelect transforms problem into an area of opportunity.

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