Published On: Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Extortionists warn Cancun businesses to “align” with protection payments

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CANCUN — In the context of the extortions that have ravaged businesses in Cancun, criminals tried to burn down a bar and left a message that warns that all businesses of that type should “align” with the collection of protection money.

Federal officials said that the first incident was reported Tuesday in the “Pizza Bar” restaurant, located in the tourist area of that city, where the criminals tried to burn the establishment’s palapa.

After that incident, a “narcomanta” was left on the Avenue Juárez, in which the owners of bars were warned about the necessity to pay for the right to operate.

“All the bars that do not want to line up or line up or line up let’s see…, we started with today. Atte: The Company,” the message reads.

Just last week, two people burned the façade of the establishment “Taco’n Madre”, in the heart of Cancun.

They also shot up the seafood restaurant Buzos and burned the restaurant Los de Pescado, located at the intersection of Labná and Yaxchilán avenues.

Cancun restaurant Pizza del Perro Negro has closed after an alleged extortion attempt. (PHOTO:

Cancun restaurant Pizza del Perro Negro has closed after an alleged extortion attempt. (PHOTO:

On January 17, ministerial police officer Humberto Mora Ochoa died during an armed attack on State Attorney General (FGE) facilities as part of a wave of violence following the murder of six people in the Blue Parrot bar on Playa del Carmen beach.

In the middle of this month a municipal policeman was executed with more than 50 gunshots and three other agents were wounded in two attacks in different points of Cancún.

Regarding extortion of businesses, no authority has spoken in the state.

The outbreak of violence in Quintana Roo is due to a war between the Zetas and the cartels of the Gulf and Jalisco Nueva Generación.

These groups’ local cells are dedicated to street level drug sales, which are headed by Leticia Rodriguez Lara, “Doña Lety,” a former federal police officer, allegedly linked to the Sinaloa Cartel, according to official sources.

To that dispute are added military commanders, state and municipal authorities colluded with cells of those groups.




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