Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

Expansion of Merida-Chetumal highway continues

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The project, according to a communiqué from the SCT, will extend to the area of the Teabo interchange.

The expansion and upgrade of the Mérida-Chetumal federal highway is continuing and will soon reach the bridge area at the Teabo junction, according to the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT).

(Photo: Debate)

(Photo: Debate)

The road is currently getting refurbished near the junction at the municipality of Mama, a few kilometers from the municipality of Chumayel.

The project, according to a statement from the SCT, must end in the area of the Teabo road interchange.

Nevertheless, some engineers consider that the work should continue until arriving at the interchange that is constructed in the junction of Peto.

Zacarías Castro Zapata, who frequently travels through the area, reports that in recent months there have been many fatalities in the section between the Teabo and Peto junctions, and that the authorities of the federal government should consider adding more lanes to improve the traffic.

The four-lane road that is already ready from the municipality of Tekit to Merida is one of the best in the region. It is safe and is a quick way to get to the capital, so some citizens argue that the project must continue to benefit more communities.

This federal work began several years ago. A little more than a year after the term of President Enrique Peña Nieto began, authorities said that the extension of the road will only reach the junction of Teabo.

They also said that the Peto-Valladolid road will be completed, and that the road linking the Puuc Route will be improved.




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