Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2018

Entrepreneurs and supermarkets join the campaign to ban plastic bags and straws in Cancun

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The entrepreneurs of the restaurant industry see with “good” acceptance not to consume plastic straws, and in that sense, supermarket chains agreed to start a program of socially responsible companies and ban plastic bags.

“The town hall of Benito Juárez still needs to regulate this situation”, highlighted the person in charge of the office of Siresol (Integral Solution of Solid Residues), Eduardo Mariscal de la Selva.

Before the current administration ends, there are still three town hall meetings to be held and the municipal regulation, tourism and ecology commissions will be analyzing the probability of banning the use of these products, for the time being it is still under analysis by the different commissions.

Mariscal de la Selva stressed that to improve the hygiene conditions in the city, these should be managed in a comprehensive manner, not only in the collection of garbage, but also in the regulation on the use of plastic straws and bags.

(Photo: SIPSE)

“Fortunately we are not the first municipality with this prohibition Querétaro already does it and there are other cities that eliminated the use of these products, and some of the supermarket chains in Cancún are already working to prohibit the use of plastic in other states,” highlighted Mariscal de la Selva.

The official stressed that to achieve a proper control of the garbage collection, they have to establish schedules and days of recollection, the separation of garbage has to be done by citizens, and the people or companies that throw garbage in green areas or empty lots, must be fined or arrested. This way, the government will be able to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the Caribbean Sea.

“The sanctions to the citizenship for littering are regulated by the Municipal Police of Benito Juárez in its article 445 and the regulations of Transit indicate the sanctions, but no authority applies them, and the councilors must analyze who is responsible and proceed legally against these people”, Eduardo Mariscal de la Selva concluded.

Source: SIPSE



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