Published On: Sat, Sep 30th, 2017

Ek Balam amazingly well-preserved archaeological site in the middle of the jungle

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Ek Balam is located 171 km (104 miles) west of Cancun.

Referred to as the “Celestial Jaguar” (Ek = Star; Balam = Jaguar), or the “Black or dark Jaguar” according to other experts, this archeological site is the holder of majestic buildings hidden among large trees, it has emerged from the past to reveal some of its secrets.

Ek Balam has 45 structures and is surrounded by two concentric stone walls linking most other central buildings.

It has a ball court, a very beautiful arch which led to the sacred path, which in ancient times connected the Maya kingdoms.

EK BALAM (Google)

We can also find shooting star and snake hieroglyphics, which are beautifully carved monuments in stone blocks.

The structures meet various architectural styles, but there are details that make them unique, such as images that resemble winged angels.

The site is noted for the preservation of the plaster on the tomb of Ukit Kan Lek Tok’, a king buried in the side of the largest pyramid.

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