Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

Dying in Merida costs up to 80,000 pesos

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Lack of foresight prevails in society in face of inevitability, but funeral homes offer prepayment options.

Funeral services in Merida can cost from 7 thousand pesos to 80 thousand pesos or more. However, there are funeral homes that offer promotions to prepay a package, so that at the time of death the mourners do not have to pay thousands of pesos for a funeral service.

Alejandro Espadas, manager of the Poveda funeral home and the funeral complex la Piedad, said it has services from 7 thousand to 8,000 pesos, which include different models and qualities of the coffin.

In the funeral business, there are many costs like the service site, the hearse and the plot.

“We have products that the customer is paying up to 36 months and is called ‘Forecast’ because it is a funeral service that when it is required it is already paid. We currently have 1,800 clients with this plan,” he said.



There is the last-expenses contract that is paid 150 pesos per month and includes the parents, wife and children under 25 years of the contractor, a way in which people are protected.

“The funeral service is sometimes considered an expensive cost, but in reality it is not,” he said.

There is also another plan called ‘Contract’, which is paid in advance and has a cost of 15,000 pesos, with a down payment of 1,500 pesos, and the balance of 13,500 pesos is divided into 36 months at 375 pesos per month. This is a service for any relative or friend of the contractor.

The funeral complex la Piedad, subsidiary of Poveda, began operations 18 years ago.

Alejandro Espadas added that the prepayment culture in the state is very low, and nationally only 14%.

The basic service costs 7,000 pesos that consists of a coffin, a wake room, and hearse, plus 4,500 pesos that is paid to the City of Merida for the right of cemetery and grave. In total the payment is 12,000 pesos.




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