Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2017

Drunk passenger forced Aeromexico plane to land in Cancun

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A drunk passenger caused Aeroméxico’s AM-143 flight, which left Miami to Mexico City, to stop its route and land in Cancun.

The fact was spread by Twitter users who reported that the man did not want to follow the instructions of the airline staff and started insulting and yelling at them, apparently under the influence of alcohol or probably other substances.

In a video, the passenger is observed while shouting at one of the flight attendants: “I will not be disrespected! Imbecile, fagot!

Immediately a steward approaches and invites him to take a seat, but the man does not calm down and starts goofing around without complying with the order to remain in his seat.

After this situation, the decision was made to land in Cancún International Airport, in order to evict the man from the plane, who was allegedly detained.

Although Twitter users tweeted the fact at 8:30 pm on Thursday January 12, after midnight the airline had not issued any explanation or announcement regarding the incident.





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