Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2023

Drill in Tulum as a preventive measure in case of a hurricane

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19/04/2023 | Tulum, Quintana Roo.-In the esplanade of the Museum of Mayan Culture Park in Tulum, a drill was held as part of the First National Drill 2023, where preventive and reaction actions were verified in case of hurricanes and fires.

Jessica Jaqueline Martínez Barrios, Tulum’s municipal Civil Protection coordinator, explained that as at the national level, the drill protocol was carried out in the ninth municipality with the objective of reinforcing the reaction capabilities of authorities and citizens in the event of an emergency or disaster.
He explained that, as part of this event, five mass event drills were held in supermarkets and shopping centers in the municipal geography.

“As Civil Protection we coordinate all the actions with the other agencies to carry out this objective which is to safeguard the population and keep them informed in time and form on how they need to react in case of any emergency,” he said.

He mentioned that elements of the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of Public Safety and Citizen Protection, the Fire Department, the Health Department, and the Red Cross participated.

He added that the agency under his charge is in constant training in protocols such as the drill, where they train citizens to face events such as hydrometeorological phenomena or fires.
The interviewee acknowledged the collaboration of the people to participate in the protocols and respect them to the letter to avoid any risk in the event of a contingency. She emphasized that the population must also be informed through the communiqués of the authorities to take preventive measures throughout the year due to natural phenomena.

“The importance is to familiarize ourselves in case of an emergency or disaster situation. We thanked the people who did go out and participated in the drills because we can have an incident such as sabotage, terrorism, exposure, fire, gas leak, etc.,” said the official.

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