Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2018

“Dream Job” winner goes back to Idaho… But what did the young man do for Cancun?

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Staying in luxury resorts, scaling Mayan ruins, and swimming with whale sharks: just a few of Ivan Nanney’s adventures on the job… But, what did he really do to promote the destination?

He says, while the experience was just as dreamy as it looks, it was no “six-month vacation.”

“It was very busy, but it was also all the things I love to do anyway, so, it was just six months of ‘go go go,'” said Nanney. “I’m enjoying catching up on sleep right now and taking a break from writing storylines in my head constantly.”

As’s Cancun Experience Officer, his responsibility was to capture video content for social media.

“Basically capturing all the best experiences that the destination has, and all the entire region around Cancun, and sharing it on social media, and creating video content to share my experience,” he said. ” So that people can get a better idea of what they’re in for when they come down.”

He says he will spend the next year editing and sharing his footage with hopes of revealing the region as more than just a “spring break” party destination. “dream job” winner returns to hometown of Boise, Idaho

“There’s so much more than that. Everything from like, completely natural destinations where you can go and relax, disconnect. There are Mayan communities you can go and learn, like traditional Mayan culture, you can stay in the communities, and learn from these, just, beautiful beautiful people who are still carrying, like, their traditions from, you know, the ancient Mayan civilizations.”

Still, the 29-year-old says there’s no place like home.

“As much as I love to leave, I love to travel around the world. I always love coming home to here, and getting back in touch with the family– getting back in touch with nature, the mountains, the lakes– that’s one thing that isn’t down in Cancun.”




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