Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2019

Dogs of Isla Mujeres

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Well known Wisconsin based news website SWNEWS4U published an article in which they mentioned the problem of stray dogs in Isla Mujeres, check it out…

Years ago, on Dane and my first trip to Isla Mujeres, I fell in love with a Mexican mutt named Prince.

We had just settled in to relax on Playa Norte when a man came by walking two adorable dogs. While we petted the puppies, he told me about Isla Animal Rescue. I knew before the day was out, we’d be visiting the shelter. Dane took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

It was love at first sight and Prince, whom I later renamed Gambo (after a character in the Isabel Allende book I was reading on the beach), came home to Wisconsin three long months later. It took determination, hard work, and many good people to get Gambo his passport and passage here.

JANE AND DANE’S love for dogs sends them to the local shelter when visiting Isla Mujeres, the original home of their adopted orphan Gambo. Lonesome, homeless, island dogs benefit from the love and attention the travellers bring to their lives. (Photo: swnews4u)

Once home, it also took plenty of patience, medical tests and drugs to try to overcome his horrible digestion problem. At-home IV treatments became the norm, and we had three emergency trips to the vet to fix his prolapsed rectum.

His appetite was healthy and, much to my dismay, included toads and insects. But his system couldn’t handle food of any kind and later he’d suffer from bloody stools and projectile vomiting. One evening when we were giving Gambo his IV, his eyes appeared dark and empty. I called Dane at work the next day. Through tears I said, “I think it might be …” and, before I could finish, Dane said, “Yes, I think so, too.”

I held Gambo as Dr. Bass put him to rest, and cradled his emaciated body on the way home. We buried him under a willow tree that we planted in his honor.




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