Published On: Mon, Mar 1st, 2021

Dog driving a motorcycle on video goes viral

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The video of a dog has begun to go viral on social networks because he can be seen performing a peculiar action: he is riding a motorcycle while his human companion is behind him as if the situation was very normal.

Dogs and other animals carrying out actions normally seen in humans has become common on social networks and one more has been added to the compilation of videos, this time recorded in the municipality of Envigado, Colombia.

In this one-minute video, it is possible to see how a dog literally ‘drives’ a semiautomatic motorcycle through traffic on an avenue in the south of the Aburrá Valley. And while the dog is grabbing the man goes as co-pilot, who is smoking a cigar and barely takes the handlebar of the motorcycle, part where the dog has its legs placed.

The images were captured by some people who were traveling in their vehicle and who came as close as possible to better record the event, so it can be seen that the dog is wearing glasses as if it is a motorcyclist, with both of his paws on the handlebar.

The man’s hands are not on the handlebar, it is the dog who is “maneuvering” through traffic.

In the video, you can also see how the man clings to the dog at certain times. “What the hell?”, one person can be heard on the recording.

Despite the incredibleness of the images, on social networks, this fact divided opinions.  

Some users saw with humor, while others claimed the man does not have a sense of responsibility and even asked for the intervention of the authorities, tagging it on  Twitter.

They claim the lives of other drivers were in danger, and that it would be obviously a violation of traffic rules.

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