Published On: Mon, Jun 5th, 2023

Does López Obrador respect the Judicial Power?(Ricardo Anaya)

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MEXICO CITY. June 5, 2023.- Ricardo Anaya begins his weekly video with the announcement that “out of respect for the process of receipt of the tally sheets still in progress”, he will comment later on the elections in Coahuila and the State of Mexico.

In a statement about his weekly video, Anaya evidence and warns about the contradictions of the presidential discourse. He recovers the images of what López Obrador said on August 8, 2018, when he went to the TEPJF headquarters to receive his majority certificate as president-elect.

On that occasion, López Obrador made a series of categorical statements regarding the relationship he would have as head of the Executive with the other branches of government and with the State’s autonomous bodies. He said, for example, “I will not interfere, in any way whatsoever, in the resolutions that only concern you”. He also said: “No authority in charge of imparting justice will be subject to pressure” and “There will be absolute respect for your verdicts”.

(Photo: Wikimedia commons)

Ricardo Anaya Cortés is a Mexican lawyer and politician, and a member and former president of the centre-right National Action Party.

“Although it may seem incredible, López Obrador promised all this,” says Anaya. But faced with the gulf between that speech of 2018 and the reality of this 2023, he exclaims, “We live in the world upside down. Because how can he be the same, the one who said what we just heard, and then has said this?”

For many experts, Lopez Obrador is just following the “Hugo Chávez Manual”, by the book, and adapting it to the current situation in Mexico on the progress.

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