Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Doctoranytime, the platform that allows you to use a medical chat

In these times of pandemic we feel more and more insecure when going out, even so, we know that our health is very important, we cannot stop consulting our doctor, as it is essential to take care of ourselves and know how to treat us in case of having COVID symptoms or even some other disease.

For this reason, the platform Doctoranytime comes to Mexico from Greece, to help us with telemedicine to be able to consult a doctor without the need to leave home and take risks.

What is Doctoranytime?

Doctoranytime is a platform that offers free medical chat and video-appointments with psychologists, general practitioners, and psychoanalysts. Video-appointments have a cost that depends on the doctor and his/her specialty.

The platform has more than 25,000 doctors from different areas and 70 specialties, but don’t worry because this doesn’t make it difficult to use, it has filters so that you can minimize your searches, thus making the experience even easier to find the right doctor for you.

I know! It all sounds amazing, but you are wondering … what is the story behind this platform? How is it formed? Yes, all those questions now arise in our minds. You see, as we have already mentioned before, Doctoranytime emerged in Greece about 7 years ago, helping people with telemedicine, making it easier to schedule an appointment from home. About 11 months ago, Doctoranytime decided to begin operations in Mexico to help innovate telemedicine in times of COVID.

Therefore, it is now easier for us to avoid taking risks and to consult a doctor quickly and easily.

Simple to use

The Doctoranytime platform is very easy to use, you will be able to make an appointment with just a few clicks, detailed step by steps:

1.- Search and find: filter your search by location, experience, service, and more.

2.- Booking an appointment: choose the schedule that suits you best, select the time and date for the appointment in real-time.

3.- Confirm your appointment in less than a minute: you have 24/7 access to your appointments through any of your devices. Confirmation and reminders are by e-mail and WhatsApp. See? It’s so easy and quick to use Doctoranytime.

You are in good hands

Thousands of patients have found the right doctor thanks to Doctoranytime. Thousands of doctors who had to close their offices have been able to continue working and also to help people with health needs.

Doctoranytime has a number of possibilities for medical professionals: references, administrative tools, virtual secretary, and digitization of the office.

Now you know, whether you are a doctor or a patient, you can be part of Doctoranytime’s community.

Join this platform, avoid unnecessary expenses, find doctors to help you with health questions, COVID symptoms, or even refer you to specialist doctors. Or if you are a doctor, keep working and helping people who need you. Keep yourself and your family healthy.



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