Published On: Wed, Sep 2nd, 2020

Doctoranytime creates a campaign for video-appointments free of charge

Better than before is the campaign that Doctoranytime is launching these days so that we can access a doctor easier than before. In the present circumstances, it is easier for all of us to stay at home, order some groceries or food, do home office, and now, thanks to this platform, we can easily have online consultations with real doctors.

Find out what Doctoranytime’s campaign is about!

Just as telemedicine in Mexico grows in an extreme way, so does Doctoranytime. In recent months it has been very helpful for doctors and patients, ensuring that some do not stop working and others can access their consultations without having or even hazarding to go outside.

“We can’t hug like before, we can’t greet each other like before, we can’t meet like before, however … we can communicate much better and access health easier than before!”

With that in mind doctoranytime launch a campaign to help all Mexican families.

In this new empathic campaign, we can now get free video-appointment with general practitioners, psychologists, and psychotherapists.

Free video-appointments are available from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and of course, it has a chime at midnight, which means that on October 2nd this campaign will end.

We can test the service these months and understand how easy and convenient is, and also provides a necessary way to consult a doctor because we have the following advantages:

  • We avoid unnecessary travel -avoid time commuting
  • It is cheaper than attending a face-to-face consultation
  • You can carry out services such as interpretation of laboratory tests, issuance of second opinions, surgical pre-evaluation, follow-up treatments, and more.

How did the campaign come about better than before?

I will let the following passage to answer this question:

“This campaign emerged as an act of empathy towards everyone. Each of us is going through different circumstances in this confinement, however, we can all say that the pandemic definitely transformed our lifestyle. In hindsight, a lot of good things have emerged in recent months: we learned that remote working does work, now companies care more about the health of their employees, we spend more time with our families and, of course, technology helps us easily access our doctors when we need them, ”commented Emilia Salazar, Doctoranytime Mexico’s Country Manager.

There are no better words than Emilia’s to describe the reason for a campaign that will help patients in many ways.

Without a doubt, this platform is helping thousands of people to improve and have quick and easy access to health.

For this reason, I suggest you dare and get to know the amazing Doctoranytime’s platform, find your ideal doctor, keep your family safe, and avoid risking them when going to your appointment.

Staying at home is the best option and now consulting your doctor from there makes everything safer and above all, cheaper. So, what are you waiting for?



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