Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2022

Do you dare to visit Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco?

This is the closest beach to Guadalajara city, and one of the most popular destinations for Mexicans. The beach is a great place to visit all year long. However, there are some exciting opportunities during certain times of the year.

During the winter, over a thousand humpback whales visit this coast and it’s possible to watch them jump and sing as part of their courting rituals. If you’re lucky you can even see a baby or two since they give birth in these warm waters as well. Tours are only held by certified operators who make sure they don’t have a negative impact on these marine mammals

During the second half of the year, sea turtles visit the beach to lay their eggs. Since turtles are frequent visitors, the city has developed one of the most successful protection programs in the country that includes protected nurseries placed in top hotels so everyone helps out. Once they hatch, they release the turtles and invite visitors to help, while teaching them about the ecosystem and the importance of protecting these species. If you get enough of the beach, the mountain range that embraces the town is an oasis for adventure lovers.

Here, you can hike next to waterfalls, mountain bike, or explore the suspension bridge, El Jorullo, which is over 1,540 feet long and almost 500 feet tall over the Cuale River. And for some not-nature-related fun, the Malecón (boardwalk) is covered with arts and crafts.

There are murals and sculptures that adorn the walkway where you can also find regular art performances. This is a great place to eat with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, as is the Marina Vallarta with its iconic lighthouse and pier where yachts and boats rest.



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