Published On: Fri, Oct 27th, 2017

Dispute between taxi and Uber drivers in Cancun ends in one dead

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Cancun, Q.R. — One man is dead and another injured after another altercation between local taxi and Cancun Uber drivers.

On Thursday, a group of taxi drivers surrounded a car they believed was being driven by an Uber driver. Located along Colosio Boulevard in Cancun, the driver of the white car fled the men, apparently hitting two of them as he tried to escape the incident.

The driver of the white Uber car drove about 200 meters before crashing into a wall, allegedly after being chased by a second taxi car. The Cancun Uber driver was arrested by Municipal Police.

An ambulance arrived to transport the two injured taxi drivers to the hospital, however one was pronounced dead at the scene.

David Velázquez, a driver of the platform, said that although the taxi driver’s death is unfortunate, “we felt it was not Uber’s fault, it was because of harassment, because of this hunt for us,” he said.

“They are not the ones to be stopping us, or to be chasing us,” he added.

Taxi drivers on scene retaliated saying, “They leave Cancun or we’re going to burn them.”

A video, that has been presented to local authorities, shows an unseen oncoming truck that could be the vehicle that actually hit and killed the taxi driver.

A press release by the Public Prosecutor’s Office says, “According to the preliminary information provided by the first responder, elements of the Municipal Traffic Police are aware, according to versions that are yet to be corroborated, that the vehicular misfortune arose because a unit apparently was stopped and later, a group of taxi drivers intercepted it, which generated a discussion between both parties.”

Without giving further explanation, the FGE endorsed “their commitment to act and provide sufficient evidence in accordance with the law to find the person or persons responsible for this unfortunate event.”

Disputes between the local taxi union and Cancun Uber drivers has been ongoing since the company entered the Cancun market in September of 2016. This incident is only one in a long list of taxi driver attacks against Uber drivers.

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