Published On: Sat, Feb 19th, 2022

Dismembered body found inside a motorcycle taxi in Playa del Carmen

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Citizens reported the finding of a dismembered person inside a moto-taxi, for which elements deployed a strong police mobilization. 

At noon on Friday, Feb. 18th, alleged hitmen left the human remains inside a motorcycle-taxi type transport unit, marked with the economic number 066 near the third park of Villas del Sol.

The tranquility of the residents was interrupted when they were passing through Halcones street when they realized that inside the vehicle there was a plastic bag with a human hand protruding out of it.

For this reason, citizens alerted the 911 emergency number, to report that once again a person had been left lifeless and dismembered in the middle of the street in Playa del Carme’s Villas del Sol subdivision.

Local security corporations arrived on-site, cordoned off the entire area all the way to CTM Avenue. 

Experts began to collect evidence to determine who is responsible for leaving the body, as well as to identify who is the person found inside the bag.

The agents and experts of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) carried out the lifting of the body to take it to the morgue to perform the necropsy of law and determine the causes of death.

Source: SIPSE



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