Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

“Despite facts of violence, Cancún is safe for visitors” state authorities say

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“Despite the facts of violence in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, these important tourist destinations are still the most visited in México and according to local authorities the region is “totally safe” for travelers.

A statement issued by the State’s Secretariat of Tourism reports that a successful summer holiday season is expected  as hotel occupancy will reach an average of 90 percent, with more than 80,000 rooms.

“Even though we have seen some disturbing news in recent weeks that caught the attention of national and international media, we want to assure our visitors that these situations were quickly contained and that there is absolutely no risk for tourists or residents”, officials underlined.

Cancún’s beaches (El clarín)

Cancún in the Mexican Caribbean, Los Cabos in the Baja California peninsula, and Acapulco in the Pacific were shaken this year by dozens of murders and shootings.

On Sunday August 6, a shooting in Los Cabos resulted in three men killed by gunmen at the entrance of “Playa Palmilla. This incident also left two people injured. Local tourism authorities indicated that there is no risk for visitors, though.

In Cancun several shootings have taken place during the last weeks leaving several dead and injured. One attack occurred in front of the Attorney General’s Office’s facilities on the month of July.

It should be noted that drug lords that belong to Mexican cartels such as “Del Golfo” and “Jalisco Nueva Generación” have been detained in this world-class tourist destination.

The marvelous Quintana Roo’s coasts (El Clarín)

Other destination that has been hit by violence is Playa del Carmen, where five people were killed and other fifteen resulted injured during a shooting at the “Blue Parrot” bar on “La Quinta Avenida” last January, which was attributed to turf battles between drug cartels.

The Quintana Roo’s government along with the Cancun and the Riviera Maya’s tourism boards indicated that more than two million people have visited the region during this summer holiday season, which is still far from over.

“We have a rate of more than 50 percent of regular visitors out of a total of 16 million tourists per year reiterating the certainty that everyone can safely enjoy Quintana Roo”, the statement pointed out.

Acapulco, which used to be a favorite spot for members of the Jet Set and Hollywood actors in its midst of glory during the twentieth century, became one of the most dangerous cities in recent years because a drug war between rival groups is taking place there.

However, México is one of the main tourist destinations worldwide despite the insecurity that reigns in large regions of the country.

According to the World Tourism Organization’s ranking, México went from the ninth to eighth place during 2016, with the arrival of more than 35 million international tourists.




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